Nomadshare East


Nomadshare East



We have 2 spacious and fully stocked kitchens, where residents can show off their cooking skills and have parties together and with friends.

  • facility_refridgeratorRefrigerators
  • facility_microwaveMicrowave
  • facility_oventoasterOven-toaster
  • facility_ricecookerRice cooker
  • facility_kettleElectric Kettle
  • facility_ihcookingheaterIH cooking heater
  • facility_cookwaresCookwares
  • facility_tablewaresTablewares

Public Areas:

  • facility_shower7 Shower rooms, with hot water. Located on 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 4th floor.
  • facility_toilet6 Toilets. Located on every floor.
  • facility_bicycleBicycle parking slots. Located outside the building, facing the street.
  • facility_smokingA designated smoking area. Located outside the building, facing the street.
  • facility_laundryA set of self-service laundry machine, 200 yen to use. Located on the rooftop.

Throughout the building:

  • facility_wifiWi-Fi is available in every room.
  • facility_airconAir conditioning is available in every room.