Nomadshare Annex


Room Information and Availability

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No.Room typeRent+ UtilitiesStatus
X20112 beds semi-private cabins48,000 yen+ 5,000 yenAvailable
X202Twin room70,000 yen+ 8,000 yenOccupied
X3016 beds dormitory32,000 yen+ 5,000 yenAvailable
X3026 beds dormitory32,000 yen+ 5,000 yenOccupied
X3038 beds dormitory32,000 yen+ 5,000 yenAvailable
X304Single room55,000 yen+ 8,000 yenOccupied
X305Double room70,000 yen+ 8,000 yenAvailable
X306Twin room62,000 yen+ 8,000 yenOccupied
X4016 beds female dormitory32,000 yen+ 5,000 yenOccupied
X402Single room55,000 yen+ 8,000 yenAvailable
X403Double room68,000 yen+ 8,000 yenOccupied
X405Double room70,000 yen+ 8,000 yenOccupied