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Kenya’s Japanese lessons Vol 6


Thank you for your lessons always! Topic: Review of te-form conjugation How to say “I am doing ~” What is he/she doing? How to say “please do ~”

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons Vol 5


What we learned: Some slangs in Japanese Conjugation of verbs to te-form Difference between particles “de” & “ni”

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Kate’s French Lessons: 11/22/2017


That was the part 1 of the christmas series The lesosn was on the vocabulary of christmas and I explain to them how ‘s going the the christmas eve in france because it’s like a ritual with the children in each christmas  

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Kate’s French Lessons: 11/06/2017


Questions & Reply in english = the student have to try to translate in french by hymself with my help + vocabulary animal + vocabuary part of the face + Spelling names

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons Vol 3


    Basic Lesson! We welcomed some of new resident from over the world! Thanks Kenya always! -Past tense: What did you do yesterday? – Future tense: What will you do tomorrow? – Vocabularies for body parts and clothes

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Kate’s French Lessons: 10/28/2017


This time actually we only take which dialogue and I teach them grammatical point, make them repeat and pickup some difficult point and explain it.

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons Vol 2


Basic Japanese Lesson by Kenya! We studied  as blow! Hiragana Quiz Review for the colors we have learned Vocabularies of face parts How to read a clock Learning few basic Kanjis! Thank you always!

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Kate’s French Lessons: 10/12/2017


Nous imaginons un nouveau monde! We learned new world with new! 1. Greetings & useful questions 2. Culture point (Differences between japan/france or versailles castle / Louis XVI period 3. Grammar 4. Vocabulary 5. I will insert a part with role play!

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Kenya’s Japanese lessons


  In Kenya’s Japanese lessons, the students which belonged to the ”basic group” or new learners of Nihonggo tackled some useful and commonly used adjectives. We did study how to count the number in Japanese and some phase for time expressions! Thanks Kenya-kun! Itumo arigato ne!

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Kate’s French Lessons: Basic French Grammar

20170927 French lessons_2

This lesson with Kate was about Basic French Grammar to be able to construct simple sentences. Both Kate and the management extend our gratitude to the residents’ participation. We encourage and hope to see more faces in the upcoming lessons! To our former resident and Kate’s active and persistent student Anouk, we dearly miss you, we all hope to see you again!

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